Youtube - New features for multilpe acccounts in Android TV

Youtube - New features for multilpe acccounts in Android TV

Great news on Youtube for the families

We just saw this tweet today about Android TV and Youtube:



Now, when you start the Youtube application on your television, an account selection window will pop up. Your specific username and password will be automatically filled out - it'll save time searching through other accounts before they make selections just to find themselves going back again because they've chosen wrong! This is really beneficial if you live in a house where there are multiple people who are subscribed to different channels or use them differently. When you go to open up Youtube on your TV and see Who's Watching? next to it- then everyone knows they're opening their own personal profile- making sure nobody gets mixed up with someone else's account (especially since family members share TVs).

This is a feature already known from streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+. If you're the only person using YouTube on TV, or you just don't want to go through that account selection screen every time you launch the app, know that this feature can still be disabled from the settings. .

Finally, YouTube announced that the account switcher would be rolled out gradually, without giving us any further details. But there's almost no doubt that we should see this feature land in the next few weeks.

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