New MAC-ID for Z11 Series with MYTVOnline 3

Formuler Z11 series with MYTVOnline 3 introduced a new MAC-ID format.

This new ID can be used when MAC-ID is requested from your service provider.

Please refer to the below details on how to find the new MAC-ID and setup stalker portal using this ID.

✅ Z11 Series
  • What you need to provide to your service provider: MAC-ID that starts with 00:1E:B8
  • The ID is shown in MYTVOnline 3 > Content Manager > Content Sources > Add Portal menu
  • It is also shown on the label attached to the back of the box
  • What you will receive from your service provider: Portal URL.
    e.g. ""
  • MYTVOnline 3 > Content Sources > Add portal > put the above URL in the corresponding blank > Do not put ID or Password > Connect

 It is possible to change the ID using the Advanced settings menu, but this is only recommended for advanced users.

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