How to set up portals on MYTVOnline? (MAC-ID / XC / M3U)


  • Formuler device does not include any contents.
    We are a device distributor, not a contents provider.
  • Portal URL is what your service provider provides to you after you subscribe to service.
    Formuler can not provide you with any URL.
  • If you have questions about service subscription, search on the web or consult your seller.



💡 MYTVOnline 1

  • Menu > Portals

💡 MYTVOnline 2

  • Menu > Connections

💡 MYTVOnline 3

  • Menu > Content Manager > Content Sources



MAC-ID: Stalker Middleware

  • What you need to provide to your service provider: MAC-ID that starts with 00:1A...
    When provider asks for MAC address, Give them MAC ID⚡ which starts with 00:1A..
    ID can be seen from the sticker on the bottom of the device or on Portal connection screen
  • What you will receive from your service provider: Portal URL.
    e.g. ""
  • 💬 Refer to the tutorial video: [Video Guide] MYTVOnline2 - How to setup a Portal URL

💡 XC: Xtreme Codes API

💡 M3U: M3U Playlist



If you know the differences of portal types and own your portal information to input,

Please find detailed steps to follow here 👉 Set up Guide for Mytvonline 


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